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Thanks for those who have mentioned me in their comments, that's really appreciated

I would like to especially thank:

Predseda - for his continuing dedication to the Remainder Software cause and the enthusiasm and ideas that have helped massively progress our new game.

Mihcael - for helping to run the EAB/Lemon Super League and Knockout competitions and filling in for me (along with Biscuit earlier this year) during the increasingly numerous times I've gone missing at round change time - as well as the hard work behind the scenes on the scoring system and the like which has been a huge help.

Lifeschool - for being a big supporter of the competition and showing loads of enthusiasm for it, as well as the brilliant Lemon Amiga YouTube videos of so many games - they are a joy to watch so seek them out if you haven't already.

Lielo - for the impressive work on Final Fight AGA in Blitz and for being the only person from here I have so far met in real life! It was a good evening and we should do it again soon when things settle down again.

And anybody still involved in the Amiga scene - the ever-busy world of game development - and especially Spud for writing the best new game of the year - in particular. It has been fantastic to see so many projects finished and loads more still to come. Also anyone involved in the emulation field, WHDLoad, magazine/book writing/publishing, website developers, tools and utilities... well, pretty much anything that keeps the scene alive and kicking. It seems so vibrant these days.

And a big thanks to RCK and all the mods here for doing a brilliant job in keeping this place running, I know how hard it can be and how much time it needs so it's really appreciated.

And of course, an extra big thanks to System 3 and Galahad for the amazing work on getting Putty Squad released, as well as all those who also helped in some way... fantastic, and it is massively appreciated and respected, well done guys!
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