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EDIT: Moved from 2nd post here because of 20000 characters limit:

Not 'emulation bug' Demos:

Aegis Sonix v1.3 - import (Crack Intro) by Wizards -> ... (KS 1.1 only!)

Demo 2 (Demo) by Zark ->

Meeting Intro (Intro) by Disknet -> ... Note!

Liquid-Glenz (Demo) by Maniacs -> ... Note!

Mental Unbalance (Intro) by Sarvet -> ... Note!

Boring Filled Vectors (Intro) by Intuition ->

Hot New Stuff From the Hottest Group (Intro) by Intuition ->

Days Of Thunder (Crack Intro) by Paradox ->

Skeletors First (Demo) by Cult ->

Wanted (Crack Intro) by Vision Factory & Beyonders ->

Another Intro (Intro) by Savage ->

A New Modem Import - Pot of Fun (Intro) by Symbiosis ->

Goodie (Crack Intro) by Quartex ->

Better Dead Than Alien (Crack Intro) by Bamiga Sector One & The Kent Team & Inertia ->

Major Motion (Crack Intro) by Bamiga Sector One & Quoram ->

Mercenary: Escape from Targ and The Second City (Crack Intro) by Bamiga Sector One & The Kent Team ->

Doc Disk 3 Intro (Intro) by Byte Busters ->

My Dog Ben (Intro) by Dual Format ->

Catch 'Em - final (Crack Intro) by Delight ->

48 Hours Production (Demo) by Flashing Bytes ->

The Gamble Hall BBS Intro (Demo) by Scoopex & Disaster Area ->

Woui Dentreau (Demo) by Majic 12 ->

Satellite City (Intro) by LSD ->

Retro (Demo) by LSD ->

Trick Or Treat (Intro) by Nerve Axis ->

Chainsaw Scroller (Demo) by Razor 1911 ->

A320 Airbus Vol. 2 - German (Crack Intro) by TRSI ->

Saturn's Demo (Demo) by Apex & Urgload ->

Harder, Faster And Better (Intro) by Atomic ->

Yet Another Production (Intro) by Bastards -> ... Fixed versions!

Big A's Demo - Original Version (Demo) by Phenomena ->

Skulls (Demo) by Phenomena ->

Megademo (Demo) by Ivory ->

Batman Vuelve (Trackmo) by Batman Group ->

JFI - if inserted after WB hand is shown: -> It happens also on a real Amiga!

Forensic Clinicism (40k Intro) by TRSI ->

Blue Lagoon (Demo) by Wizzcat & Belga-live ->

First Demo by Amiga Industries ->

A Small Intro (Intro) by Quartz ->

Rookie's Delight (Intro) by Curacy ->

Megademo by Science 451 -> ... Note!

Demos with "dots over copper bars" issues:

Meeting Time 2 (Demo) by Acume ->

Reminder on comments and current status: ->

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