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Resolution autoswitch and line mode options

I noticed a couple of issues related to resolution autoswitch. Not sure whether any of this is a bug or by design.

When resolution autoswitch is enabled, the line mode and interlaced line mode radio buttons are disabled. So in order to change line mode or interlaced line mode you need to un-check autoswitch, change (interlaced) line mode, then check autoswitch again.

When using an A2024 mode and resolution autoswitch...

Enable resolution autoswitch. Display squashes to half height, probably because the line mode was changed to Single automatically. Disable resolution autoswitch. The display remains squashed since Line mode is still Single. You need to change Line mode to Double or Scanlines in order for the display to appear correctly again.

When you manually set resolution to super-high res in the Display panel (so not using resolution autoswitch), A2024 modes are shown doubled in width. That can be a bit annoying, because if you change screenmodes between (say) NTSC:Super-High Res Laced and A2024, you need to manually change the resolution in the Display panel each time.
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