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Big grin Where?

What about a shop with used games?
Or something like that?
Actually, i tried it under WinUAE and except the expected performace problems. Even my 060 have problems to keep the framerate at 50fps sometimes into last levels, where nearly everything on screen (640x256, not 320!) moving
Suprisingly, the tunnel sequences runs better that optinal underwatter missons, witch i love most.
These are entierly unplayable, at least on my 1,1Ghz P3 with GF2Ti.
Framerate are about 1-2fps, sometimes more, sometimes drop and that hard, that you cant move and die, because it also flick with the surrounding envoriment, making think the game, that you hit the dangeous walls...
So, that suxx.
What is positive, that it definitively runs well, except the "little weird" menu selection cursor (its laced sprite, with some cool tweaks, but UAE did not manage it ).
Othervise it fully works, let me show you:

...unfortunetely i have to cut off the ocerscan as well, as WinUAE, seems, do NOT DISPLAY the sprites into hi-res, so, the visual quality compared to orginal Amiga is HALVED
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