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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I finally found the real reason, very early part (landscape that has the blitter bug that prevented it from working for years..) corrupts one word in music pattern data. I know how to fix it but it isn't simple fix.
So one day might be also fixed !!!

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Still works fine here, even with your config. (DD vs D3D can't cause this kind of problem, it is something else)
Its a little strange, but official is compiled with VC10 and test version VC 13, right ?! ... maybe something there causing the problem !!!

ps. Just remember I still running WinUAE on WinXP SP3 !!!

EDIT: Also, just tested, on 2.7.0.beta16 it is OK but on test versions before official 2.7.0 is still bad !!! Betas was also compiled on VC10, right ?!

EDIT2: Strange, it runs fine on "MSVC 2013 (same optimizations as in OP) + SSE2 + __fastcall compiled" version from here:

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