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Originally Posted by CrashMidnick View Post
@BarryB : Try to add the tooltype CACHE to see if it helps for the slowdown
Didn't seem to make much difference, as didn't adding an Echo line to my s-s so I could CTRL-D and load Turrican without anything loaded. I also enabled MMU in whdload.prefs as my 030 has an MMU. Pulling out the ACA1232 actually seemed to be a bit better, but maybe placebo

The slowdown also happens when you use the beam to show a hidden block and focus the beam on the block and rocks are falling at the same time, plus when many of those beetle things are on the screen and you're zapping them with the beam it slows down too.

Sorry for picking fault with this one game, need to test more games on my A1200 and then on my the ACA500+ACA1232 and see if they do a similar thing.
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