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Originally Posted by IFW View Post
Not sure how many did, but people generally copied each other's routines, so if one had it, it was almost certain another would have used it as well
So basically that code in Amiga Disk Drives Inside & Out is probably what most system-killing programs used for disk access.
(I just checked and the disk copier in that book does seem to use precomp for track 40+)
Originally Posted by IFW View Post
Especially tracks around 70+ are susceptible to defects without it. More precisely, 77+ - which is possibly the reason why some systems opted for using only tracks 0 to 76...
That doesn't bode well for the longevity of 82-track DiskSpare longevity then. While (I assume, I didn't check) diskspare.device uses trackdisk raw read/write commands, maybe extra precompensation would help for tracks 80 & 81?
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