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Yes, trackdisk did use precomp, because yes, disks would have had significantly worse quality during read, without precomping. The closer you get to the centre of the disk, the worse it gets especially if you are using a different drive to read back the disk from the one used to write it.
There is no such thing as "post normalization", etc.
Magnetic recording theory is nothing new, it's been there concerning floppy disks for quite a few decades by now. It's not about silly arguments, imaginary stuff, etc. - it's about technology that not just works, but also RELIABLY works, given the constraints. It's still is the basis of how hard drives have evolved, how duplication technology has evolved and so on.
There is no secret there, no mythical stuff, nothing is up for debate.
It's all well understood things, where theory is perfectly matched with empirical evidence.
Anything else is just selling snake oil.

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