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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
None of my stuff ever needed precomp, and the age old argument about disks going bad without using precomp is ridiculous.
Since e.g. Cyclone and Super Card Ami push the data from the source drive directly to the target and the data never goes through the processor, how would you precomp? I mean it's easy to say "I don't want to fly" when you simply can't fly. Correct me if it could, but to my understanding these two devices could not. Maybe Sybil can, but obviously you did not want to add it.

But maybe you still have a different "perception" of how magnetic recording works. To quote an earlier post of yours:

Originally Posted by JimDrew
write precomp is not the action of skewing bits forward or backwards. Write precomp, in the true sense as used in every MFM and GCR drive (including the 1541/71/81 drives) is that the signal intensity is increased the closer you get to the center of the disk. Because data is moving quicker, the "magnetic power" required to successfully write bits must be increased.

...when in reality, this sums it up very well:

See 7.4.2
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