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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
Not sure if it is possible, but a clone CF card option would be nice accessed from the Advanced menu so it can be done directly from the firmware instead of going through the Amiga.
about 700 bytes left in the ROM. Not exactly the kind of space that allows tools to be added - I'd like to add some more menu languages first, and Toni may do some restructuring of the code that gives some free space, but "clone card" would not be high on my list. I'd prefer ADF read/write tools over that, and other people probably have other preferences.

Since space is so contrained in the ROM, the most important thing for me was to be able to boot from a FAT-formatted card. This way, the community can create installs that are specific to a certain task and spread them as ZIP files that you can unpack to a CF card with any PC and no special knowledge. Even if you take the detour through an ADF that contains the CF-card-clone action, it can be done with simple steps that everyone with a PC, internet and USB CF card reader can accomplish.

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