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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Starbugs New A500 Demo (Demo) by Titanics

A500 OCS KS1.2/1.3 ... it seems one pixel doesnt move there -> pic.1 !!!

p.s. Also seams it doesnt works on ECS ... the stars doesnt appear on 1st screen and LMB doesnt work ?!
It is OCS only, A1000 confirmed, stuck pixel also confirmed.

Demo Mix 5 intro (Intro) by Tommyknockers

A500 OCS/ECS KS1.2/1.3 ... some line appears ... pic.2 !!!
Blitter modifications while active, always check the log.

Amiga BTX - Final (Import Intro) by Cascade 1733

Something strange happened here - pic.3 !!! (As it works fine in latest official 2.7.0.)
I can't duplicate. OCS only.

Vectris (Demo) by Toxic Trooper

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... when the demo comes on the greetings part (last part) and after LMB got this message -> pic.4 !!! ( 2013-12-21 15:12)
It does stupid "reset" at the end (EDIT: Jumps to ROM entry point in user mode!) It hangs on real hardware. (Not going to be changed, not worth the trouble)

Sony VX-90 (Demo) by Royal Amiga Force

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... some line appears -> pic.5 !!! (Note: It didnt appear in 2.7.0 beta16 !!!)
Plasmaexplosion fix was wrong. Back to drawing board

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