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About flux level support: as I said, it is technically interesting but I don't really see what it would enable that is not currently possible. (I only do "because I can" if it interests me )

FDI already has flux level support but I don't really understand how it actually works... It lives in too different (analog) world that does not really interest me too much, unless there is some good documentation that explains the operation.

Without extra help only thing that I can do is to (attempt to) modify FDI flux support to handle other types of images.

Perhaps you can easily convert between fdi and other types? FDI has really good documentation available from author's site. It may already support everything you need.

"Unfortunately" writing to blitter registers while it is active is not unpredictable at all (there are many demos that accidentally do it), it seems to always cause exact same (sometimes quite strange) side-effect, and it only depends on new and old BLTCON0 and BLTCON1 contents.
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