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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Just wondering if you could do something about (see below), that would be really great:

from topic -> "WANTED: hardware and documentation"

"Other chips, especially Agnus (blitter logic when programs write to registers while blitter is active is basically the last big unknown part)"
I don't have any unpublished technical documentation about Agnus or FatAgnus. I can ask Dave Haynie if remembers anything specific. Bill Heard would likely know too. The only thing I remember is that writing to the blitter control registers during a bitblit was a no-no with "unpredictable" results. I didn't use the blitter much. I used it initially on the A500 for doing the MFM decoding, but ended up writing CPU based routines that were much faster when accelerators came out. I spent most of my time working with PAULA because of the disk copying and imaging software, and because of the Mac emulation - reading/writing variable speed disks.
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