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Christian, apparently you didn't bother to collect software updates. These were all readily available via the UUI BBS. Just because *you* didn't have the software doesn't mean it didn't exist. Perhaps you didn't want to call across the ocean to get it?

ipf is a file format, documented first by Jean, and then finally by you guys... not too much to understand really. WinUAE doesn't support flux level images, so no matter what is used (.ipf, .adf, .dms, .syb, etc.) it is never going to be 100% compatible. I am here in this forum because people have asked me to look into making an image file that would give WinUAE (or any other emulator for that matter), the ability to be 100% compatible with ALL protection schemes - not most, ALL. It's clear that Toni has no desire to do that, which is fine. I was just looking into as I was asked by my customers. That's it.

Like I said, most good copiers supported all modes used on disks - including GCR.
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