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The point is still the same: I have never cared and still don't care about flux level support, I don't need it in emulation, I don't know or want to know how it works (It isn't really Amiga specific, every floppy controller has similar circuitry), I don't want to touch anything that is not fully digital.

Perhaps there is good enough reason but so far I can't see any that would make it worth the trouble.

Other developers are probably different but I require real world code (not some stupid simple examples, they are always totally useless) and specifications as priority.

Note that GCR support is totally different thing, it would be really easy to support it but no test programs = no support. I never do anything just by checking documentation, documentation is never good enough (only really great part in HRM for example is audio state diagram) and misses all important parts. (btw, mac emulation is not good enough reason, running emulation on emulation is really stupid reason)

EDIT: I mean that what would this enable that no other solution would not be able to do? (without requiring your floppy device!)

Also technically flux level support is interesting but at least fdi flux "decoder" looks horrible confusing and makes very little sense, it really needs documentation..

EDIT2: Supporting existing images (if there is enough and they are really confirmed working!) probably is good enough reason

And of course any kind of previously unpublished documentation is great

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