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Toni, I wrote a LOT of Amiga programs that used GCR. Everything Mac emulation related, plus several disk copy programs, including SYBIL support code (which of course was finished and available - >Christian). A few other people have confirmed there were games that used both GCR and MFM formats. Most good Amiga copiers supported GCR mode too. So, programs that used GCR weren't exactly scarce. But, I did deal with GCR all of the time because of the Mac emulations and disk copiers I wrote.

I was looking for a method to supply 100% disk compatibility for the emulation, which ipf does not provide. People have contacted me asking if I can help provide this to WinUAE. I have all of the unpublished technical information about PAULA that I got from Commodore. I worked for Commodore in the early 80's and had a great relationship with them. I had a standing NDA, so If I needed undocumented information, licensing agreements for code, etc. I just had to call and arrange it. So, if perhaps you look at the disk emulation code again, I would be happy to help with PAULA related support. Thanks for your response!
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