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Trodas - let me say something about how i can manage smooth scrolling into WinUAE with MY yesterday experince
I just loaded up the ipf file, and presto silky smooth scrolling. And you are wrong on 100z, if your machine can keep up with a constant multiple of 50z refresh rate it is fine for PAL (or 60 for NTSC). Ie. you would see the same screen update on both an 50Hz, 100Hz or 150Hz monitor screen (TV requires to be a decent model - 100hz with latest resolution and motion compensatio technoogies like Sony DRC models, or Philips with pixel plus - for this to work, since normally it is interlaced, while monitors are no longer), so long your machine components can keep up with the update rate. Any time your machine just a bit slows down an annoying flicker is going to occur. This is due to how the human eye is sensing motion.
Your machine is either slow to keep up with a constant 50Hz emulation update, or your video driver is just reporting vsync usage capability, but it does not work, or it does work (probably not since you mention ghosting, which I assume is the same artefact known as snowing/tearing) but unfortunately the video refresh rate is not what you set, regardless of what the driver reports. You can easily check this to be the case if your monitor is capable of reporting vertical refresh rate, like all Sony models do, and probably pretty much any other decent brands.
So first step is to check the real refresh rate once emulation started, reported by your monitor. If it does match (ie 50, 100, 150hz etc) vsync is not working on your card's driver or machine can't keep up with emulation. Just start a program the does constant 50hz scrolling, horizontal problems are easier to spot, so choose a horizontal scrolling demo or game, that obviously is 50hz. Watch the edge of the screen carefully for a few minutes. If the image is distorted, like letters or images are not connecting properly, vsync is disabled. Get a decent driver or card. If it is not distorted fine, your machine is slow. If it is not slow, stop all tasks running in the background (on your pc), use taks manager or process viewer as a guide of what is running. If you burn cds, listen to mp3, use stealth backup functions, screen savers, port scanners whatever, many of them will periodically interrupt the emulation task and take resources, causing a flicker. Don't use any such programs while emulating, if you care for smooth updates.
If the refresh rate does not match in the first place get a decent driver or card, or a tool that allows custom refresh rate settings.

I'm sure somebody can continue to instruct you with this sort of thing, but as you should be able to undersand telling that something suxx, just because your setup or knowledge is lacking is not very nice.
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