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IFW - let me say something about how i can manage smooth scrolling into WinUAE with MY yesterday experince
So, lets started. I used Turrican2 WHDload fix, works perfectly under my both 060-based Amigas, so.
Into window mode i use mostly (800x600x32bit p96) it looks relatively good, tought the scroling is ofcourse not synced and looking weird - sometimes even jerking and im talking just about the first few metters of Tur2 game, nothing fancy there, right?
So, okay, i tried the so famed fullscreen.
I also tried the Vsync, but more later...
First what i noticed, that colors went wrong. Well, okay. My 800x600 is set to 100Hz, same as my desktop resolution 1024x768, but, okay. Scrolling still little jerks and its far from smooth - in fact, 50Hz scrolling never ever can be OK on 100Hz screen, because it get ghosted - i know this fact because on one of my Amigas i have PicassoIV and his FliFi changing the pal to 100Hz nonflicking pal
Its cool, but NOT for action scrollin games - the image get blurry, while moving. Aditionaly, it lack of sync, so, even on Amiga with PIV you can see overdrawing problems, but thats diferent part of story, so, let move back to WinUAE.
So, i try enable OpenGl. Hell, i see now only trashed display like hell, well, the game is now a completely diferent game (something like hide and seek ) and framerate droped to 8-12 fps
So, i tried to push my luck with the refresh settings, but nothing, from default, to 50 or 100 change a thing.
So, i exit from the fullscreen and went back to my lovely WB

Im entierly sure that word suxx described this ability to work perfectly. Toni has get my OS, now config, latest relase he should have too, so just a Tur2 and WHDload and he can see it for theirself

So, tell me, how i from 8-12fps get smooth scrolling
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