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Originally Posted by amiga1 View Post
Hi! My ACA500 arrived last evening (Merry XMAS!!! Yum!). I haven't had a chance to get it up and going yet, but I was wondering if it's possible to use the CF card, with its FAT file system, as a boot device straight from FAT? Or do we still have to prepare the card under emulation with fastfs or pfs3 first? Has anyone booted from a FAT format yet?
I have! You must put it in the Aux slot and enable that slot, which eats 261K FastRAM for some reason. (Sounds very high to my ears, maybe this will be changed/fixed in a later firmware.) But it works fine and speed matches a normal Amiga-formatted card.

FitzSteve: great review I linked it and the ACA1232 vid in my review. I especially liked the listing of accelerator and CF card compatibility. (Too bad about the Apollo 1240/1260 RAM, maybe something can be done as for Blizzard? Not that I need to put it in my A500, but others might want to.)

If you want, you can add the Lexar 80x to your list - they're slow though, around 1200KB/s IIRC...!
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