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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
I will look at the fdi format. I know the ipf format does not support many protection schemes. How good is the GCR emulation in WinUAE? Several Amiga games were encoded with a mixture of MFM and GCR, mid track too.

With raw flux data there no "density" to contend with. For emulations that are using flux level, it greatly simplified things because the word of data that represents each flux transition is just a clocking duration and the MFM data is built from that, making it exactly like an original disk. SuperCard Pro can also be a floppy drive emulator and will use flux image files so no data has to be interpreted, it's just spooled like a real drive does.

Thanks again for your insight on this!

Actually the IPF format is able to successfully duplicate most of the Copy protection systems that existed on Amiga, Copylock included.

Only a few one off protections and a few titles by Psygnosis are not included, but the majority of Amiga disk formats and protections are well known to the SPS team.
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