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Originally Posted by sink View Post
1)DESPAIR by LSD (problem of timer between part)
Do you mean the small pauses in sound when it changes scene/part ?!
Not sure is that the demo problem or emu problem ... maybe should be tested how it behaves on a real Amiga ?

Originally Posted by sink View Post
2)PLASTIC PASSION by UPFRONT (always the same scroll problem)
Try to run it with A500 ECS !!!

We had already discussed about the demo on this thread ->
Whether there is the same scroll problem that you mention ?

Btw. always is good to mention on what config the demo was tested ...
Note: All demos must be verified/tested in WinUAE A500 Quickstart configs before reporting any problem !!!
... if a demo is running good in any of A500 Quickstart configs than there is no problem.

Also, on the 1st page of this topic is a list of already tested demos, so is always good to check the list first !!!

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