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A500 compatibility? Jesus christ! Better lets focus on wheather A4k is done that obsolete A500. Old games is much better to run from WB, featuring WHDload - they get fixed to work, added mostly hiscores saving and load immediatelly and works nicely - in fact, many are damn improved, so, i would drop the A500 thing.
HUH???? It seems you want something that UAE isn't meant to be. A500 compatibility is main goal. If "strange" programs work in 68020+ mode, great, but don't expect too much. I also don't care about WHDload because it makes programs too compatible

Emulated 68020+ Amigas are just "generic" models. UAE won't emulate specific A3000 or A4000 or expanded A2000 models.

My WinUAE on 80G 7,2k RPM drive and such boting about, wait - 29 sec! Should not be something done with this?
My WinUAE WB boots in 5 seconds. And btw, thats yet another "great" bug report. What configurations you tried? Sound settings? JIT on/off etc..

Seems like configuration error if you get so slow speed..
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