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Wink Well, welll... =8-)

The email - well, i now have got the correct one. Thx!

Dont hate some nice demos, just because they used hardwired adress. WHDload fix translate then, using MMU, to the reall one. ...sadly, MMU is not supported yet, as well, as 68030 cpu (at least the EC one, W/O MMU should be, its only very very little diferent from the 68020 - one or two obscure instructions are missing and the caches has go diferent organization, together with burst/noburst read modes - in fact, 030 is the only one cpu, where you can tweak with burst reading mode INDEPENDENTLY on enabled/disabled caches Coders know, how to use it ...with 040/060, caches are hardwired to burst mode od reading (filing always whole cacheline, 4 longs))
...BTW, you should correct the mistake, where WinUAE claims that can emulate 68040 - its a 68EC040 in fact, because it dont (sad sad sad ) feature a MMU...

A500 compatibility? Jesus christ! Better lets focus on wheather A4k is done that obsolete A500. Old games is much better to run from WB, featuring WHDload - they get fixed to work, added mostly hiscores saving and load immediatelly and works nicely - in fact, many are damn improved, so, i would drop the A500 thing.

Nope, the specifications dont "recommend", they SET things how they are made =8-) At least into A3k and A4k machines. Low-end "crap" A1200 are not worth mentioning, since there is no Zorrospace, and manufacturers of memory/cpu boards mostly creating very very strange beasts
Even the best, Phase5, did not create a perfect autoconfig boards - they are more "autohacking", for what i have to add one more reboot, to get exec into fastram and NOT hell chipram, cause thats damn slow!
They just poke their memory directly into memorylist, AFTER exec inicialization (they cant done it earlier this hacky way =;-)) - witch means that vital system parts get resident into chipram (exec, SSP and VBR), what is not tolerable when come to reall Amiga, where is so damn diference between adressing fast and chip ram in terms of speed - witch can be even more compromised by active DMA (i mean hi-res laced HAM8 screen, for example )

So, its better to forget some HW hacks and look at how things can be done properly and for the BIG Amigas, not their little crappy bros

My Blizz1260 also starting its fastram at $44 000 000 - $4B F7F FFF (128MB machine, 0,5MB for rom remaping, so, 127.5MB)

But this is just crappy A1200 shit =:-)))

Ah! 68020+ and speed? Then the goal is missed. My A4k with full UW scsi settings and to full AOS 3.9bb2 including utils, tools and textures, to stoped flickign with HDD, boting 6-7sec!
My WinUAE on 80G 7,2k RPM drive and such boting about, wait - 29 sec! Should not be something done with this?
Maybe faster reboot/adding the resident rom modules by AOS 3.9 bb2 to A1200 rom??

Futhermore, speed? Demo ThugLife, fixed for WHDload or "as it is" running about 15-17fps on 030/50 A1200, and over 25-30fps on A4k 060/50 or A1200 060/62.
On WinUAE the very same demo:
a) work only first few scenes, then sound only (under WHDload or alone)
b) doing about 2-3 frames per second on 1,1Ghz P3-like machine.

I know, that bitmaping is slow on intel, i know that some weird code (but for WHDload its fixed, so it run well on 060!!!) can run very slow - but at least the booting time should not be that HORRIBLE, as it it.
Sending you email about it

And franky - im willing to sacrifice some speed in order to get the emulation more correct that the memory mappings perfect - in fact it should only help compatibility, whats are still IMHO very low. ThugLife/Essence (coded by Jamie Skarla) should run, and demos as Tint/TBL also =;-)
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