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Originally Posted by groundplayer View Post
Just installed on my 1200 with 060 blizzard. Had to copy 68060 librarys over, otherwise everything is working great ! Much faster with my config and i like the new icons ! Thankyou again Retrofan !
Thank you for trying it. You already have the 060 library if you use MorpheuZ, preferences, CPU libraries since the 04 update. I can not leave them installed so it has to be the user using MorpheuZ :

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
...You must know that the installer will only copy the library of the accelerator you are going to use. If you select for example an 030 and later you want to use an 060 you can run the new MorpheuZ option, "Preferences" and select it, or copy it from the MMULib program in AmiKit:Utilities/Expansion, or you can also run again this installer and select that Cpu.

Why? Because if you run Enforcer and SegTracker from the s-s and you have all the libraries there, a message like this will appear:

"68060Lib Installation Alert. The 68060 library requires a 68060, do NOT use it on a 68040. No exceptions, no excuses, no discussion. It won't work this way."

So I'm only installing what you select.

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