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dms/adf versions will be tested later.

Nothing but a Lame Intro by Success

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... pic.1 ?!
A500 ECS and A1000 confirmed.

Tampax 2 (Demo) by Tampax

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... it starts to glitches after some 20 seconds ... pic.2 ?!
Same as above.

Spadix' First (Demo) by Targets

Work fine in ECS but very strange in OCS (demo is from 1990) !!! ... (probably is ECS only, but anyway)
Reads write-only custom register. This still isn't fully known. (Works fine on real OCS system)

Superleague Soccer (Crack Intro) by Kefrens & The Supply Team & Tartan Army

A500 ... Pic.3 !!! ... (but glitches not visable on the link picture?!)
A500 / A1000 confirmed. (Probably different memory config or only works when not ripped. Or something)

Demo (Demo) by Taurus 1

A500 all ... it decompress but exit to WB prompt ?!
Confirmed, probably missing some extra file(s), floppy seeks once when it quits.

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Afrika Korps (Crack Intro) by The Company

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... pic.1 !!! (Note: On the link picture it doesnt happens.)
A500 / A1000 confirmed. (Probably edited screenshot)
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