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Thanks for the response, Toni. Unfortunately, there are a lot of programs that use the Rob Northern style of protections where the data on a track is written at various clocking times and then byte counted over a period of time. These protections would require some type of flux level support. Weakbits and strongbits can be easily implemented with WinUAE at the MFM level by using 0x00 as a weakbit (passing a random value to the data separator) and using 0xFF as a strongbit and passing a 0x00 to the data separator. These would work with extended .adf format, which I know nothing about - so, I will go track down the source code and woddle my way through the C to see how the structure is laid out.

Implementing weakbits and strongbits is as simple as I stated above, so please consider adding that support. If you have any questions pertaining to disk based stuff, PAULA, etc. please let me know. I would be happy to help out any way I can. Also, if you get bored and want to add support for the EMPLANT hardware, I happen to know a bit about that.


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