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New CD32 compilation project (Flashback + Alien 3)

Hi all,

I've started working on a CD32 compilation, using Lennon Lives' toolkit and WHDLoad slaves that add CD32 joypad support to otherwise keyboard-required games.

UPDATE: Third version has been added, with these 64 games. All of which should be playable on a stock CD32 (except those currently marked as broken) without keyboard or mouse.

4D Sports Driving
Alien 3
Allo Allo
Altered Beast
Another World Broken
Battle Squadron
Big Run
Brutal Tenia
Buggy Boy
Desert Strike
Evil Dawn
Formula 1 Grand Prix
Gauntlet (Atari Port)
Gloom Classic
Gloom Deluxe
Golden Axe
Great Giana Sisters
Gulkorn Expressen
Hare Raising Havoc
Joust (Atari Port)
Liquid Kids
Marble Madness
McDonald Land
Mega Twins
Micro Machines
Midnight Resistance
Mikro Mortal Tennis
Mortal Kombat 1
Mortal Kombat 2
New Zealand Story
Prime Mover
Prince of Persia
Rainbow Islands
Rally Championships
Rick Dangerous
Rick Dangerous 2
Rick Dangerous 2.5
Shadow of the Beast
Shadow of the Beast 3
Slam Tilt
Snow Bros
Son Shu Shi
Stunt Car Racer: The New Tracks (Broken)
Super Cars
Super Cars 2
Super Skidmarks
Super Skidmarks +
Super Skidmarks: Farmyard Edition
Super Skidmarks Silly
Virtual Karting 1
Virtual Karting 2
Worms Director's Cut
Xtreme Racing

Current version download is here: https:///#!NIhwkCYS!aI7jda...0B9qYmAlME4Wbc any playtesting would be hugely appreciated.

All of the games work on emulator, I haven't had a chance to test all of them on a real CD32 but the ones I have tested all work.

Next release includes:

- Aunt's Arctic Adventure
- Batman Returns
- Bonanza Bros
- Blues Bros
- Dyna Blaster
- FIFA International Soccer
- International Karate Port
- Speed! Demo
- Stunt Car Racer
- Super Sprint (Atari St Port)
- Super Street Fighter 2: New Challengers DX
- Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
- Testament
- Testament 2
- Watchtower
- Woodys World

To do:

- Forgotten Worlds
- Total Football
- Speed
- Starfighter
- Disc
- Dyna Blaster
- Max Rally
- Street Fighter
- Street Fighter II
- Super Sprint
- Sword of Sodan
- Rocketz
- Rocket Ranger
- Tiger Road
- Warmup (keyboard req?)
- Xenon

Maybe: (Already on CD32)

- American Challenge
- Banshee
- Defender of the Crown 2
- Diggers
- Dizzy collection (Some are on Big 6 disc)
- Exile
- Fighting Spirit
- Guardian
- IK+
- Impossible Mission 2025
- Lemmings
- Lotus Trilogy
- Roadkill
- Sensible Soccer
- Speedball 2
- Syndicate
- Pierre Le Chef
- Powerdrift
- PGA European Tour
- Pirates! Gold
- Universe

Maybe: (Mouse required?)

- Dream Web
- Drivin' Force
- Lost Dutchman Mine
- The Legend of Kyrandia
- Transartica

Maybe: (Keyboard required?)

- Enemy 1/2
- Elf
- Epic
- Flimbo's Quest
- Moonstone
- PP Hammer
- Turrican Trilogy
- Zeewolf 1/2

Slave Wishlist:

-4D Sports driving (some mappings required) Using Joy2kbd config
- Advantage Tennis (Get past copy protection without keyboard + speedfix?)
- Afterburner (Space mapping required)
- Aladdin (Is this even possible to get running on CD32?)
- Alien 3 (Additional mapping for jump)
- Alien Syndrome (Speedfix, additional mappings required)
- Apocalypse (Some mappings required)
- Aaargh! (Lizard appears to be invisible on CD32)
- Alcatraz (player switch on CD32 control)
- Aunt Arctic Adventure (severe graphical glitches?)
- Battletoads (If it's even possible, a jump button would be great!)
- Barbarian: The ultimate warrior (key mappings for starting the game, possibly speedfix)
- Big Run (Speedfix) Done, thanks Stingray
- Beast Busters (Grenade mappings)
- Best of the Best (play without kickstarts)
- Bubble Bobble (Ability to trigger 2P mode without keyboard)
- Castle Kingdoms (Some mappings required)
- Chase H.Q. 1&2 (Space mapping required)
- Crazy Cars trilogy (Some mappings required?)
- Death Trap (some mappings required, eg open spellbook)
- Dogs of War (some mappings required, eg change guns)
- Elvira Arcade (some mappings required, eg spell)
- Epic (keyboard mappings)
- Enemy (keyboard mappings)
- Formula 1 GP (It's possible to get past copy protection screen with JOY2KBD, though mappings for the rest of the game would be appreciated!)
- Fire and Forget 2 (speed fix)
- Gee Bee Air Rally (play without kickstarts)
- Goal (Some mappings required?)
- Indianapolis 500 (Some mappings required)
- Ikari Warriors (Start without pressing 1 or 2)
- Kid Gloves 2 (Speedfix)
- The Lion King (Can this be squeezed into CD32 ram?)
- Loom (If possible to patch for CD32 control play? Does anyone have CDTV version of this?)
- Mega Lo Mania (Can't get past "black screen")
- Mercs (Crashes to white screen on CD32?)
- Mr Nutz (Pause and Escape functions mapped)
- New Zealand Story Demo (too fast?)
- Nitro (Nice to have, Player 2 + 3 to use left and right hand side of CD32 control, respectively)
- North and South (play without kickstarts)
- Rick Dangerous 1&2 (Pause button)
- Satan (Select part)
- Shaq Fu (AGA version on CD32 and/or fix for menu screen, gives resload_decrunch error)
- Shadow of the Beast 1-2 (CD32 joypad support)
- Shadow Warriors (Keyboard req to start)
- Shockwave (Misc mappings required)
- Space Harrier 1 (Too fast)
- Space Harrier 2 (Severe graphical glitches on CD32, even when tude degrade used)
- Speedball 1 (Pause button)
- Supercars 1 (Pause button)
- Super Tennis Champs (Play without kickstarts)
- SWOS 96/97 (Can this run on CD32?)
- Pinball Dreams (Keyboard fix)
- Prawo Krwi (Can this run on CD32?)
- Primal Rage (Can this run on CD32?)
- Putty Squad (Can this run on CD32?)
- Turrican trilogy (Space and Alt mapped)
- Zac McKracken (If possible to patch for CD32 control?)
- Zeewolf 1/2 (Patch for CD32 control)

Other wishlist:

- Alien Breed 3D (CD32 version without WHDLoad and copy protection)
- Alien Breed 3D II The Killing Grounds (Play 2mb version without keyboard)
- Capital Punishment (Crashes due to lack of CD32 ram?)
- Eat the Whistle (Crashes due to lack of CD32 ram?)
- Ghosts and Goblins (Latest WHDLoad version freezes at piracy screen on CD32 config?)
- Gloom 3 (some sort of fix for issue that prevents running on just 2mb chip ram?)
- Fifa international soccer (Could not run WHDLoad version as it complained about being out of RAM, could not run directly from drive as it complained about missing second disc)
- Hybris (Latest WHDLoad version doesn't run on stock CD32?)
- Monster Business (Latest WHDLoad version has graphical glitches on stock CD32?)

Please post any requests in this thread

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