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Originally Posted by yssing View Post
I very much doubt that is true. Besides, creating a 040/060 accelerator have been done quite a few times before.
Yes, of course, but it requires quite some effort to do this with modern parts.

Well... if you don't want to make an accelerator, that's pushing the boundaries, it's easy...ish.
Then you can use a super tiny CPLD for the accelerator like on the Apollo-cards.

Georg Braun and Jens Schoenfeld built a very powerful and stable 68060-accelerator and these guys are probably the guys with the most experience in the german community.

Originally Posted by utri007 View Post
PS. They adapted coldfire cpu to the 68000 bus
AFAIK there is no proove, that it ever worked. They showed the PCB, but not the software side.
If it would work, why isn't it on sale then? Needless to say that they sinked a whole lot of money into this thing.

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