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SuperCard Pro - Real disk images with WinUAE!

Hello Toni....

My name is Jim Drew, and I am a long time CBM developer - from PETs to Amigas.

Since I have released SuperCard Pro, I have had a few people start asking me about image files that will work with WinUAE. SuperCard Pro is a disk copier/imager device that generates flux level disk images. I have never looked at the PAULA emulation to see how complete it is (I know PAULA inside and out because I had to reverse engineer the data separator portion in order to create things like SYBIL, which was a disk copier/imager commonly used with EMPLANT, my Mac emulation). I think that flux level is a bit much for WinUAE though. I created a custom image format for SYBIL that was similar to a .dms image where the raw MFM data for each track was stored, along with the exact track length. Are there any formats that support this with WinUAE? If so, can you point me in the right direction and I will make a conversion routine for flux images. If not, can you recommend a direction to go? I can certainly help code this for the Amiga side if necessary - but I only code in assembly. I do have all of the original source code for everything I have done for the Amiga, so I could adapt something pretty quickly. I would like to be able to make image files of my entire Amiga collection (hundreds upon hundreds of original game disks) and have them work under WinUAE, and I guess I am not alone with that feeling.

So, if you are interested in this please let me know. I will do whatever is necessary to provide support for WinUAE.


Jim Drew - aka creator of SYBIL, EMPLANT, FUSION, and a bunch of other Amiga stuff.

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