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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
Thanks Toni, I'll try that tonight. One thing though, I don't seem to be able to use CTRL-D when booting from the boot card to break to CLI, I can if I boot from WB disk? Looks like renaming the startup-sequence and booting.
CTRL-D only works if CLI window is open. (=boot disk has 1.x bootblock, 2.x bootblock or HD boot does not open it until something is printed to shell from startup-sequence)

EDIT: Toni, as you probably suspected it's setpatch that's the culprit! Booted with no s-s and showconfig reports 1.0mb chip, run setpatch and after rebooting again with no s-s I have 0.5mb chip! There's also an error when running setpatch: Checksum failure! exec.library, exec 45.20 (6.1.2002). Happens on the second run of setpatch and is reported 3 times, piped the output to a file to capture it. Do I try to uninstall Boing Bag 2?
I guess setpatch loaded exec patches can cause problems.

Perhaps 1M custom ROM image works better than setpatch loaded updates. If ACA12xx is connected, ACA12xx 1M ROM maprom is automatically supported. (if 0.80 or newer flash)

You can use "acamaprom <rom image file>" to load rom images (note that there is no physical file called "acamaprom", it is flash resident executable)
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