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Originally Posted by Hillsy_ View Post
They then came back to kickstarter with a demo, I tried it; dreadful. So many problems... The look and feel seems tacky and cheesy. The explosions are no way as good as the original Wings. The enemy planes seem to fly with no AI. It is essentially a mobile/tablet game when it should have been more PC focused. The attention to detail is atrocious. For example, when you get hit in the remastered version the screen goes red. The original showed a sequence where you collide with the enemy giving you the chance to ditch your plane and survive for another day. Your pilot could also be shot, or your plane may go completely out of control through gunfire.
I agree, but I hope they'll improve the dogfighting a lot, add all of its original gameplay details plus add more like missions that you have to conclude by landing your plane on a runway.
If it'll stay as is then it's a no buy.
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