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Returning to Amiga after 20+ Years… Looking for Books

My folks bought me an Amiga 1000 in 1986, just before I left for college. It was a great system, and I used it for many years before I got hooked on Unix and upgraded to a Sun 3/60 workstation, and later migrated to Linux on x86 systems. Nowadays my main machines are Macs.

I recently received a free Amiga 3000 (!), and that prompted me to get back into the Amiga scene again. I would have dug out my old A1000 and resurrected it before long anyway since I've caught the retrocomputing bug lately, but getting that cool A3000 sped up my schedule a bit.

Way back in the day, I did a fair amount of programming on my A1000. I had a couple editions of the ROM Kernel Manuals, AmigaDOS manuals, etc. I got out of the Amiga scene somewhere between Kickstart 1.3 and 2.0, though, so all of my old books that lurk in boxes somewhere cover no later than 1.3.

Now that I'm running 3.1 on this A3000, I wonder if any of y'all can help me figure out which books I want to look for to get up to speed on 3.1. I've seen references to a 3rd edition of the RKM covering 2.0, but I haven't found references to official Commodore manuals for 3.1 yet. I don't really know what changed between 1.3 and 3.1, anyway.

So, can anybody give me any pointers to books I want to look for? I've preferred the official books from Commodore back in the day, but I'm open to searching for aftermarket books if any of them are better for 3.1.

I'm a bit rusty on Amiga stuff, but I'm having fun playing with the A3000, digging through the Fred Fish archives, and remembering how to do stuff on an Amiga. I'm happy to see that there's still an active Amiga community after all of these years. I've also been happy to find active communities around the other vintage systems that interest me.

Thanks in advance for any clues!
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