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Originally Posted by Zak View Post
The demo is great,
Glad you like it

but I would need PayPal for payment from Germany and don´t like that. I mostly use SEPA payment for international transactions, but since the price is listed in British Pounds, that wouldn´t work anyway, I guess?

Will the game be available on Amazon or elsewhere outside U.K. some day?
Not Amazon, but the game at the moment is available also on Desura and IndieGameStand, and the latter supports payments through Amazon (note: those portals sell the Windows version only: if you need the AmigaOS 4 one, just contact me by email after the purchase).
For completeness, if you are referring to a SEPA bank wire transfer, I'm afraid you won't have much luck with that; but if you have the possibility to use a credit card, you can still pay through PayPal: they act as an intermediary, so you wouldn't need to have an account.

Anyway, I voted for you in the competition you announced.
That's great, thanks a lot!
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