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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The Mem config disk lets you switch on the ChipMap feature, even if the card is disabled with the J2 jumper. It does nothing else.

ACA1230 owners should update with this menu:
I've installed Boing Bags 1 + 2 in between hoping that would help except I now get 2 recoverable alerts when booting!! I can click past those 2 alerts and boot to workbench so it's not a total disaster.

So I also flashed v0.81 and now it's getting bizarre!! If I boot from cold into OS3.9 I get 512kb chip, if I CTRL-A-A and reboot back into OS3.9 I get 1mb chip on each and every subsequent reboot, just not the initial boot? So I now have to power on my Amiga, wait for OS3.9 to load then reboot to get 1mb chip?
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