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Originally Posted by corpsicle View Post
BarryB : I have to say i didnt do anything special. I flashed that firmware, restarted and the chipmap choice was there at F6 under expert settings. I turned it on and booted 3.1 and had 1mb chip. I guess you have checked and rechecked that you fill the criteria ? Rev 6 motherboard, ECS angus, 512k trapdoor ram ... ( thats all right ? )
corpsicle, I checked and do have ECS Agnus, Rev6A and 512kb trapdoor. If I boot with a WB 1.3 disk and no ACA1232 connected I have 1mb chip? I connect my ACA1232 and boot to WB 3.1 from boot CF card I have 512k chip, 1mb if I boot with that memory config disk?

Edit: Actually I'm booting to OS3.9 (not WB 3.1) from boot CF card with KS3.1 ROM if that makes any difference? If I boot using KS 3.1 and a WB 1.3 disk I have 1mb chip, regardless if the ACA1232 is connected or not!

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