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Face It (Trackmo) by Strangers

A500 ECS 0.5+0.5 or 1mb chip ... strange behaving -> B-Trap or Exception 3 !!!

(p.s. Has been verified on the latest test 2013-12-16 19:41)

EDIT: Weird, now managed to finish the demo with ECS 0.5+0.5 and disk already inserted !

EDIT2: And also works fine if disk inserted after WB hand ! (not "WARP mode" has been used in any of these 2 cases)

Possible reason: It seems the demo is somehow sensitive if "WARP mode" is used ... also confirmed !

p.s. If there is someone still not sure how to enable/disable "WARP mode" = "END key" + "Pause-Break key" !!!

Nothing but a Lame Intro by Success

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... pic.1 ?!

8 Voices Demo (Demo) by Swans

log -> "BLITTER: linedraw enabled after starting normal blit! 00014940" ... (p.s. JFI as dont remember seeing such log before)

Tampax 2 (Demo) by Tampax

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... it starts to glitches after some 20 seconds ... pic.2 ?!

Intro (Intro) by Tankard

Does not want to boot ! (Not a dos disk)

Spadix' First (Demo) by Targets

Work fine in ECS but very strange in OCS (demo is from 1990) !!! ... (probably is ECS only, but anyway)

Superleague Soccer (Crack Intro) by Kefrens & The Supply Team & Tartan Army

A500 ... Pic.3 !!! ... (but glitches not visable on the link picture?!)

Demo (Demo) by Taurus 1

A500 all ... it decompress but exit to WB prompt ?!

Connection Megademo (Demo) by Technobrains

It is really frustrating when is not mentioned no-where on what configuration a demo should running !
(I tried it on A500 ECS 1mb chip + 1mb (real) Fast ... and it working but not all parts as shown on link pictures.)

Ektoplasma (Trackmo) by Technoflight

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... pic.4 !!!
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