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Originally Posted by corpsicle View Post
Hmm, and another thing, i get a green screen and a dump when i boot now with the aca1230/56 connected. Doesnt seem to matter if i have the 1mb chip option on or off.
ACA1230 models may not work reliably if the clock signals from the A500 aren't clean. I assume you have a Rev.5 board or older, or you have a weak power supply. Since the ACA500 can't do anything about this, the ACA1230 models aren't guaranteed to work.

Originally Posted by meckert View Post
@Jens: Is there a timeframe for A1000 version ? Will it offer Fast Ram, or just Chip? Will the price be similar to ACA 500 ?
It'll be much more expensive than the ACA500, but it'll come with 2M Chipram (including the Agnus) in addition to all the features you already have on the ACA500. It will be a 2-board solution with an adapter that goes into the A1000's Agnus socket, and a cable to the ACA1000, which is plugged to the side of the computer.

Originally Posted by amiga1260 View Post
@FitzSteve: I know I need a firmware fix for the ACA 1220, but it doesn't crash, what sort of problem do I get with the ACA 500 and Aca 1220 combination?
You get startup-problems, especially if the card is low-end. The slower the CPU clock of the ACA1220, the higher the probability for "no start" on an ACA500. Once it has successfully come up in the menu, it's 100% reliable.

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