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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Bowl Of Mushy Fruit - BOMF (Demo) by Sect

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... some white dots appears ... pic.1 !!!
A500 confirmed (AMOS made demo = rarely good..)

Second Attempt (Demo) by Shade

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... pic.2 ?!
Fixed. move.w #xxx,$dff058 had prefetch after write, it should be before write. 4 CPU cycle difference only.. (MOVEs use special microcode in real 68000 and many of them work differently than "normal" instructions, others may still be wrong)

The Comeback-Demo (Demo) by Shining 8

A500 OCS/ECS (most common) ... pic.3 ?!
A500 confirmed. (those red pixels)

Child's Play 1 - Preview (Intro) by Silicon Ltd

A500 ECS ... upper scroller ... pic.4 ?!
Fixed. (ECS only, OCS was already "correct")
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