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Originally Posted by Lonewolf10 View Post
Cool. Cold Storage did the awesome music for the Sega Saturn version of Wip3out - Playstation 1 version had licensed music from Sony Music (e.g. music by Prodigy).
A correction...Tim did the sound effects and then totally burnt himself out doing 8 music tracks on the original WipEout in 2 weeks (thanks to music licensing options falling through and creating a bit of an emergency). They were all used on both the Playstation and Saturn versions. He did 2 tracks for Wipeout 2097 on the Playstation and then a further 8 for the Saturn. He didn't have anything to do with Wip3out, which was the 3rd incarnation of the series.

Anyway. Go and buy his disc. He's put tons of effort into it.

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