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Found the chipmap firmware on but it won't flash?

Copied the 2 files to the AUX CF card that I ordered with the ACA500 so it's already formatted as FAT, power cycled A500, pressed F10 then F and it's now asking for LIBS?

Did exactly as this info said on the wiki:
Just unpack to root directory of a FAT-formatted CF card and insert into AUX CF card slot- Then start ACA500, go to expert menu and press "F". Follow the instructions on screeen.
EDIT: REMOVE THE BOOT CARD BEFORE FLASHING Anyway, still doesn't work? does this only work with KS1.3? I'm using KS3.1 and the 1m chip option is there, F6, it's enabled and config saved, F10+TAB says chip ram 512k and 1m chip ram option available?

Also, just tried the Memory Config Boot Disk and it says Chip 1024k Fast 1024k? What does this disk do exactly? It says remove disk before selecting a new memory configuration but doesn't tell you HOW to change the config or what keys to use?

EDIT 2: OK, now I'm well confused!! If I boot with the memory config disk, remove it and reboot I have 1mb chip? WHY?

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