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Blizzard 1260 working even better

(this was also posted in amibay thread)

I found a solution, it is quite ugly hack but it does work, 68060.library works, FPU works. Sysinfo won't crash anymore and results are slightly faster than previously.

Replace your libs:68060.library with this one:
(DO NOT USE if you don't use it with ACA500!)

It is Phase5 68060.library patched to not clear ITT0 and DTT0 registers. (Transparent translation registers that ACA500 uses to mark lower 16M as uncacheable for both data and instruction), these registers have priority over MMU tables.

Note that most likely any debugging program (like enforcer) won't anymore work with chip ram (or any ram inside first 16M), also this hack won't work if any program touches ITT0 or DTT0.
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