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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
How do I know if the 1mb chipram function of the ACA500 is working? Have a 512KB trapdoor ram expansion and a REV 6A A500 but don't seem to have much chipram when using KS3.1 and OS3.9 with the maprom option? I'm also using the ACA1232 with 128mb ram.

Sysinfo says I have 0KB 32bit ram (but says 129969288 bytes free!) + 1.0mb slow ram + 512kb fast ram + 512kb chipram, so no 1mb chipram?

Should also add I have an ECS Agnus - 1meg according to Sysinfo so it looks like all 3 requirements have been met, ECS Agnus + 512kb chip + 512kb trapdoor.
ACA boot menu tells you, if you use tab key.
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