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Quote: adress,
This account has been inactive many years..

And yes, you worst nightmare come true, there ARE program expection CERTAIN memory allocation and adreses. Its called absulte adressing and even (years ago) we want kill the dudes, who did that, at the time they did it, its was relatively standard way to do thins.
Of course I know absolute addressing, but programs that need 68020+ and 32-bit memory but use absolute addressing are so badly broken I don't care if they work or not.

And frankly, im surprised, that you dont know much about adress allocations into real Amiga
My main goal is A500 compatibility so I have never needed to know how 32-bit addresses are reserved.

This document very clearly show you, that for fast-ram (expansion ram) are reserved adres space of size 128MB - so, this actually IS a HW limitation
It is only recommended A3000 memory allocation, this does not mean there is HW limitation. My A1200 32-bit RAM for example is located at 0x68000000-0x68F70000..

Hope this small lesson dont puzzled you too much and i also hope you can change WinUAE memory allocations to be more-like real Amigas, witch will result into more smooth operation of your WinUAE - a desired goal, is not it?
Yes and no. A500 emulation's main goal is compatibility, speed can be sacrificed. But 68020+ emulation's main goal is speed.

btw: NEVER believe in Amiga documentation or specs, always test with the real thing first... You'll be surprised how documentation and practise differs..

and change the bandwitch to 32bites wide
All memory is 32-bit, even chip ram in non cycle-exact mode..
But of course it would be nice to report correct width...

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