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Hi Guys!

I still cant get the emu to bloody work! Ive done eveything thats said, but still no luck!! I was wondering whether the roms I have will work with the emu?! The ones Ive been using are the ones which came with Cloantos Amiga Forever, aren't these protected so you cant use them with anything else?! Why do you need ones called 13.rom, the ones I have are called 130.rom! Theres nothing else I can think of! I dont even get to see the Amiga boot screen! Id love to see the hand with the disk come up! I can see the 4 green blobs in the bottom right hand corner & a little red blob next to them but thats it! I can also get into the menu but no more!!
Some people say you have to run the emu of disk, others have said you can run everything off the Xbox HD, I hope its the latter as I dont have a DVD writer, dont even have a CD writer anymore!!
HELP!!!!! Please!!
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