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Originally Posted by vitux View Post
awesome, Bliz 060 with ACA500
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Did not they say it was not possible?
Some software tricks *can* keep the 060 from cacheing the lower 16MBytes. Toni made a trial version this morning, which lets you startup, even when using Kick3.1. It's working really fast when switching on cache for the B1260's fastmem. However, you can't use the 68060 library, because that will switch to a different MMU config and alter the contents of the transparent translation registers. In other words: It'll crash. More software work to be done, but it's shown that it's not impossible.

More details and trial-flash version here:

However, one thing stays valid and won't change: It's not guaranteed to work. If it works for one customer, you can't expect it to work for another customer. We'll do our best to make it work, but won't answer any support questions regarding any A1200 accelerators other than ACA12xx.

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