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New ZDOOM port to Amiga 68k

For the past few months I've been working on a port of ZDOOM to Amiga AGA (060) & RTG (040).

Although I'm really happy with my 68k port of BOOM, I thought it would be nice to bring a more modern version to 68k.

This Amiga port is based on ZDOOM v1.22 (not the current release). This was the newest version that I could get to compile with these old 68k tools

I haven't had a chance to do much testing but I think it's good enough for an Xmas 2013 release


Amiga 68k port based on ZDOOM v1.22

ZDoom is a source port, originally based on ATB Doom and NTDOOM.
It has since added full support for all commonly-used Boom additions, Heretic, Hexen, Strife and Chex Quest.
It has added many additional features, including slopes, uncapped framerate, and z-clipping.
The source code is maintained by Randy Heit and Graf Zahl. The most recent official version is 2.7.1, but many in the community use the development versions.
The large number of features supported by ZDoom made it the port of choice for several independent game projects, notably Foreverhood, Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl, Chex Quest 3 and Harmony.


1) Double buffered 256 colour display
2) Native ASM 16 channel sound engine used for SFX and emulated MIDI playback (MUS format)
3) International keyboard mapping
4) Mouse scroll wheel support for weapons switching
5) An awesome icon!
6) ZDOOM TC support
7) Jumping
8) Mouse Look up/down
9) A Console
10) Particle Effects (blood, rocket trails)
11) Custom Skins support
12) Gun Sights
13) A Chase Cam
14) Rotating Overlay Map


1) An AGA/RTG Amiga
2) An 68040 processor (RTG version) or 68060 (AGA version)
3) 32MB of FASTRAM
4) The original game (or demo)

Configuration Options:

You must run ZDOOM from the WB, running from the Shell is not supported.
You must specify a stack of at least 300,000.
Any errors *should* be written to a file called 'ERROR.TXT' in the game directory.
Please see the ZDOOM documentation for more options (specify with the Tool Types).


1) No network or multi player support
2) No CDROM support
3) No Joystick support

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