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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I already mentioned on the German forums that you should hold back designing a case while it's still not certain where exactly the expansion connectors (network/USB) will be located. I do have some ideas, but that's all not verified yet.

Besides, I find it a bit expensive to pay 49,- EUR for a case - it's a 79,90 EUR unit, and I've bent over backwards to achive this price. If you're willing to pay *that* kind of money, I can surely come up with something much nicer than slapping together two flat plates and a few DIN-type screws that are 7,- EUR per 1000pcs.

The case from AmiStore is more than two flat plates slapped together with a few DIN-type screws that are 7,- EUR per 1000pcs.
There are also side panels and even the expansion problem isn't really one. If you release the expansions, new side panels can be cut, so it will fit.

The guys from AmiStore wouldn't make cases, if there is no demand.

It's not a price wonder, but fair.
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