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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I already mentioned on the German forums that you should hold back designing a case while it's still not certain where exactly the expansion connectors (network/USB) will be located. I do have some ideas, but that's all not verified yet.

Besides, I find it a bit expensive to pay 49,- EUR for a case - it's a 79,90 EUR unit, and I've bent over backwards to achive this price. If you're willing to pay *that* kind of money, I can surely come up with something much nicer than slapping together two flat plates and a few DIN-type screws that are 7,- EUR per 1000pcs.

Sorry Jens I really did not think about the usb stuff! I think it still needs to sink in with me that the Amiga can have usb ports lol

But a massive thank you for making the ACA500! Soon as I heard it was nearly ready for sale that was it, I was itching to dish out the readies

In all honesty, I will pay for whatever is done regarding the case. More so if it is made to resemble something like a GVP+ or Rochard. That would really put the icing on the cake for me
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