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Seems to be fate for me as I stumbled upon a really nice loved A500. Also got one that just needs that last 10% of love and it will be really nice

So as the wife asked "I dont know what to get you for christmas? any thoughts?" I instantly replied "ACA500 please lol"

So I have ordered:


As for the case... I did put some feelers out to somebody in Spain who has made a really cool SD2IEC for the C64 which plugs into the user port as a whole unit. It really does look nice! so I put the question too him about the ACA500 and its lack of case, he replied with "I am interest! Will look further!"

You never know something might come of it, maybe not. But somebody will come up with a design and it will sell like hot cakes I am sure

The only other thing I can forsee is maybe, A500's suddenly going up in price!
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