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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Will we be able to slash it at home using the recovery mode?
I hope you'll just flash it. The slashing part should be reserved for other vendor's inferior products ;-)

Flashing normally doesn't require the recovery mode. To flash the ACA500 to a new version, you just copy the menu500.aca file to the root dir of a FAT-formatted CF card, and put that into the AUX slot of the ACA500. Startup the thing normally, press F10 to enter the expert menu, then press F to flash the unit. This will launch a virtual disk with the whole update process in the startup-sequence, which will look for the file on the CF card. After some checks, you can press return and watch the action happening - no jumpers to be set, no complicated procedure, no hassle transferring the data, just follow the instructions on screen.

Oh, and don't panic if the LED flashes on/off during the erase/flash process. It may look like a Guru to an old Amigan like most of the people here, but it's just a confirmation that there's something going on.

Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Also, is the IDE device on the ACA500 already patched to use larger than 4gb CF's by default? I was wondering as I've hooked up an 8gb CF card with PFS3-AIO and Thomas' check4gb tool passes
You gave the answer yourself: It's 64-bit capable. This includes both methods TD64 and NSD64.

Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
The WHDLoad issues seem to MX1230 related, having to use NOVBRMOVE and NOAUTOVEC to get games running so when the AC1232 arrives I can test it in my A1200 and if it works better than the MX1230 then I can order another ACA1232, simples!
Note that the quit-key support on the ACA500 is for the 68EC000 only. It's closely tied to the IRQ vector fetch cycle of this CPU, and the feature cannot be switched on for A1200 accelerators, because they don't provide all the required signals on the A1200 CPU interface.

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